Diver by Thommen: Swiss precision for every diving depth.

The Thommen Diver collection combines high quality Swiss watchmaking with specialized diving functions. This watch is highly water resistant, ensuring reliability at depths. Bright markers and hands on the dial provide excellent visibility even in low-light conditions. The integrated rotating bezel helps to control the dive time.
Thommen Diver watch

Thommen Diver Professional: Swiss diver’s watch of the highest quality

The Thommen Diver Professional watch is a high-quality accessory for diving professionals. Combining the latest innovations and traditional Swiss quality, they ensure flawless performance even in extreme diving conditions.

Main features of the model:

Diver Professional metal                      Thomen diver black watch

Where Time Meets Adventure: The Thommen Diver GMT Collection

In a world where every second can make a difference, watches are not just a luxury item, but also a faithful companion for explorers and travelers. The Thommen Diver GMT is not just a watch. It is a story of adventure, inspiration and passion for the unknown, encapsulated in an elegant case that will serve you well, no matter the time or distance.

Features of the Thommen Diver GMT model:

Diver GMT green                                    Diver GMT blue