Thommen Cricket: The Legendary Mechanical Alarm Clock

Thommen Cricket is not just a watch, it is a historical symbol of innovation in the watch industry. Since its first introduction in the mid-20th century, this watch has gained recognition and become one of the most recognizable brands in the world thanks to its unique mechanical alarm clock.

Revue Thommen Cricket watch


Thommen Cricket Automatic: Automatic Watch with Mechanical Alarm Clock

The Thommen Cricket Automatic is a watch created by the Revue Thommen brand, combining an automatic movement with innovative features.

Model Features:

thommen Cricket Automatic watch                      thommen Cricket Automatic metal watch


Thommen Cricket Nautical: Professional Nautical Watch by Revue Thommen

The Thommen Cricket Nautical is a high-tech marine watch designed by Revue Thommen. This model is highly reliable, durable and functional, making it an ideal choice for sailors, divers and nautical enthusiasts.

Features of the Thommen Cricket Nautical model:

Cricket Nautical watch                                 Cricket Nautical metal watch


Thommen Cricket Dual Time: Switzerland’s Mastery of the Dual Time Zone Display

Thommen Cricket Dual Time is an expressive combination of technological sophistication and Swiss precision. This model embodies the desire of many travelers to have a reliable tool to keep track of time in two different time zones, while maintaining elegance and sophisticated design.

Model features:

cricket dual time                                  Cricket dual time metal