Thommen Airspeed – aviation watch with advanced features


The Thommen Airspeed collection is a range of watches designed with aviation in mind. The focus is on the functionality and reliability of each model. The range includes watches with various optional extras, from chronographs to altimeters. All models are equipped with stainless steel cases and protective sapphire crystal. Water resistance reaches 100 meters, allowing the watches to be used in a variety of conditions. The dials are equipped with a bright backlight to ensure readability at any time of day. The collection includes options with both leather straps and metal bracelets. “Thommen Airspeed” is ideal for those who appreciate precision and functionality in a modern design.

Revue Airspeed

Thommen Airspeed Classic is an aviation watch that is highly functional and reliable.

Features of the watch:

Airspeed Classic leather                                Airspeed Classic Metal

Thommen Airspeed XLarge: A watch for lovers of large aviation designs

Airspeed XLarge – As you can understand from the name, this model has an enlarged case size. It is ideal for those who prefer larger watches. It is also equipped with a chronograph and tachymeter.

Thommen Airspeed instrument series

Airspeed Instrument – This series imitates the design of aircraft instruments. Highly accurate and reliable. It can be equipped with additional functions such as an altimeter.

Watch Features:

Airspeed Instrument                                                    Airspeed Instrument blue



Thommen Airspeed Altimeter: Harmony of Precision and Elegance in Altitude Measurement

airspeed altimeter                                        airspeed altimeter blue