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Revue Thommen was founded in 1853 in Switzerland. It is one of the oldest Swiss watch manufacturers. From its founding to the present day, the company has constantly evolved and adapted to the changing market. Throughout its history, the company has produced a variety of watches including wristwatches, pocket watches and specialized aviation watches. Revue Thommen paid special attention to detail and build quality with each product. The company is also known for its high-quality watch movements, which were not only used in its products, but also supplied to many other manufacturers. The company’s products are a combination of traditional Swiss quality and modern innovations. Today, the products of this company occupy a special place in the world of high-end watches.

Control your time
To wear Revue Thommen is to emphasize your taste, your attention to detail and your respect for time. This watch is the perfect accessory for business meetings, formal occasions or everyday life, emphasizing your uniqueness and excellence in your choice of accessories.
Is Revue Thommen a luxury brand?
Yes, Revue Thommen is recognized as a luxury brand.
What is Revue company?
Revue Company, officially known as Revue Thommen, is a Swiss timepiece company. Founded in 1853, it initially focused on wristwatches and pocket watches. Around 1920, the company expanded to produce instruments for the aviation industry as well
Who makes Thommen Revue?
Thommen Revue watches are manufactured by Revue Thommen. Since early 2015, the Revue Thommen watch trademark is operated by Swiss Initiative Limited, managed by Roland Buser, under the license of GT Thommen Watch AG for the sole production and worldwide distribution
When was Thommen Revue founded?
Thommen Revue was founded in 1853 in Waldenburg, Switzerland, by Gédéon Thommen and Louis Tschopp.

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